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Explosion Proof Fan

Portable for easy carrying

Product introduction

Portable explosion proof fan and blowers in hazardous locations are an important part of warehouses, factories, paint booths, storage tanks, confined spaces, or any other areas where flammable fumes, gases or dust may be present.

In addition to the explosion-proof ventilation category, SP Vent provides the most commercial and industrial explosion-proof fans and flexible duct for hazardous locations in the industry.


The explosion proof ventilation fan is used together with the air duct to circulate fresh air or remove excess air, and can also be used to maintain a proper working temperature. The pipe is connected to the ventilator through a belt system. It can be used for the same purpose, except for pipes. The ventilator has explosion-proof motors and switches, cast aluminum blades, and explosion-proof inner cylinders. The pure copper inner cylinder also has anti-spark performance to ensure safe operation.

Portable Explosion Proof Fan Advantages:

This exhaust-only explosion-proof fan has multiple portable functions and a top handle, allowing the operator to easily carry the fan on the job site. Suitable applications for this explosion-proof ventilation fan include hazardous locations, confined spaces, factories, etc.

The industrial exhaust fan has Explosion proof motor and switch, with cooper inner cylinder to avoid of sparking.

The Portable Ventilaion Fan can connect to Explosion proof flexible ducts to achieve better explosion proof function.

Flameproof Marking: dIIBT4, come with Explosion Proof Certificate

Explosion Proof Fan

Portable Explosion Proof Fan

Specifications of explosion proof duct fan

7 Aluminum blades

Available sizes: 200mm and 300mm, 110V or 220V

Portable Explosion Proof Fan Application:

Portable Explosion Proof Fan is an essential part of a warehouse, plant, mill, spray booth, tank, confined space, or any other area where ignitable fumes, gases, or dust may be present.

Due to its explosion-proof and spark-proof structure, the dangerous location fan can be safely used in gas stations, chemical industries, metallurgical plants and any flammable and explosive environment. When used in conjunction with anti-static pipes, exhaust spark proof exhaust fans are ideal for cleaning airtight tanks.

Paint spray booth exhaust

Granary or silo

Ventilation of chemical and paint storage rooms

Ammunition manufacturing and storage room

Refineries and fuel storage facilities

Explosive and/or flammable liquid storage cabinet.

Portable exhaust fan parameter:



Phase Power(W)Frequency(Hz)R.P.M(r/min)Air Delivery(m³/min)Static(Pa)Noise(dBw(A))

Expand Knowledge:

What is a hazardous location?

Any area that causes a fire or explosion hazard due to atmospheric gases, vapors, combustible dust, combustible liquids or combustible fibers is classified as a hazardous location. Anytime electrical equipment is used in such areas, there is a risk of fire or explosion.

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