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PVC flexible duct hose are usually used to transport air, smoke, chemical vapors and abrasive materials in various industries. At SP vent, we provide various portable ventilators, pipe hoses and various end fittings according to customer specifications. Below is our industrial air duct . Can't find what you need? Please contact us.


Flexible pipes are used in many different industries. There are various sizes and materials. Various cold or warm air devices. Factory, warehouse, basement,   fire fighting, welding, painting, engine room, airport, construction, chemical industry, etc.

Used for:



Automotive Industry




Food industry

Air conditioning

Construction industry


Our pipe hoses are made of PVC, supported by spiral steel wires, and wrapped with tear-resistant black rubber strips.

Light weight and good elasticity: 

both strength and elasticity. It is light, easy to carry and handle, thereby improving work efficiency.

Temperature range: 


Corrosion resistance: 

It has strong corrosion resistance to most chemicals, acids and alkalis, and can effectively treat dirt, fiber debris, etc.


The smooth inner surface helps to reduce frictional resistance, so that materials can be conveyed smoothly and quickly, thereby increasing flow and saving equipment power.

Installation economy: 

save installation time and money. It is easy to install with a rope, metal loop, buckle, clip, zipper, Velcro... You can choose our existing length and diameter, or customize the size according to your needs.

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