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  • PVC Suction Hose

  • PVC Suction Hose

  • PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suction Hose

PVC material, for air/dust suction.

Product introduction

PVC Suction Hose description:

Suction hose advantages:

Suction hose is made of high standard environmental PVC material, With spiral PVC wire to support the duct itself, flexible and durable.

Soft and flexible, heat resistant, anti compress and tear, UV resistant

Small bending radius, it will not easily twist

With smooth inner wall, small wind resistance

Avoid of air/liquid leakage

Flexible suction hose applications:

Wood-working machine

Plastics machinery industry

Dust-removing equipment

Air/dust supply and exhaust

Textile machinery

Electric wire protection hose

PVC suction hose very ideally for conveying water, oil, and powder, abrasive mineral sands, gravel, cement, chips, shavings, construction, agriculture and industrial service applications.

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