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Oct. 22


Dog Agility Training Guide


Looking for a sport that both you and your dog like? You can use this exercise to check the agility of the dog.

"Agility Training" is an obstacle course consisting of Dog Agility Training Tunnels, walkways and jumps. A dog and its trainer form a team, and then cross the obstacles in a specific order. In this process, pet owners and their dogs can participate in interesting activities and exercises, or they can really participate in the competition, by participating in the competition to test their skills with other teams.

Most importantly, this is a great teamwork sport and a great opportunity for you and your dog to connect and spend quality time together. Because your dog needs you to tell them how to overcome each obstacle, in the process, you will develop trust, better communication, and a deeper bond with him. Dogs will enjoy exercise and the feeling of working or aiming. This will also help keep your dog's body healthy and their thinking sharp.

What is agility training for dogs?

Dog agility is a time-based thing. The fastest dog and dog handler (no mistakes or penalties) on the track will become the champions of the agility competition. A typical agile course will have 12-18 obstacles. Obstacles can consist of tunnels, jumps, hurdles, braided poles or ramps. The goal of the course is to force the team to face various obstacles and test agility in different environments.

This is not like diving or other sports, because in these sports, the trainers are mostly still, while in agility competitions, the trainers will move around because they need to quickly lead their dog through the process to Ensure a high competition score.

Dog Agility Tunnel

Dog Agility Tunnel

Who can participate in dog agility training or competition?

Dogs of any breed, big or small, can practice agility. The obstacles on the track will be adjusted according to the size of the dog. Dogs and dog handlers only need to be healthy enough to complete the course. If you are interested in dog agility training, a good way to start is to contact your local agility club or an experienced coach who can help you safely start your new hobby. In addition, the age of the dog does not prevent them from participating in agility courses. This game can make puppies and old dogs have fun!

How to practice agility with a dog

At the beginning, perform basic skills training. You can buy a dog training tunnel, or make yourself some obstacles, such as using a hula hoop as a jumping obstacle, or use an open large box as a tunnel. You can also create braided rods by inserting plastic tubes in the ground, or put a blanket on two chairs to create a small passage.

There are many books and videos about dog agility training that can guide you through the process, or you can learn the basics by taking a local agility course.

Your dog does not need to wear a leash during training, which means they can freely run wherever they want. During agility training, you cannot touch your dog, but you can use cues and body language to guide them where they need to go. Clear communication is the key to agility. Your dog should concentrate and stare at you as much as possible.

If your dog is not learning fast, don't worry. Some dogs can complete basic training in just a few weeks, while other puppies require more time and patience. Remember to use a lot of praise and encouragement. At the beginning, keep a short and refined training time-no more than 5 to 10 minutes each time. The goal is to keep it fun and stop before your dog loses interest. 

The following is a brief overview of common obstacles in agility training:

1. Jump

When practicing jumping, you should lower the height of the pole so that it is only a few inches from the ground. Before jumping, let your dog explore the device. Let them approach the pole and smell it to make them feel more comfortable with something unfamiliar. When your dog becomes familiar with these things, guide them to jump over the fence and reward them. Then repeat the process slowly and raise the bar over time, but don’t raise it too high all at once. With enough practice, they can jump better and better.

2. Slides and tunnels

Although the two obstacles are different in the dog's agility route, you can train in the same way. First, you can shorten the slide to make it easier for your dog to challenge. Then put a long lead on the dog's leash and feed it through the slide, letting them sit at one end. Then you walk to the other side and verbally encourage your puppy to come over. If they don't want to come, try to guide them gently with a leash. When they learn to pass these obstacles, they must be praised. When they feel more comfortable, you slowly extend the length of the slide or Dog Agility Tunnel.

3. Weaving rod

The braid is a common obstacle in the agility training process. A good way to start is to tie your dog with a rope and slowly lead them through the pole. After a few rounds, remove the belts and try to guide them through the pole with voice commands. As with other steps, it is necessary to reward them after the fact to help them complete the action better.

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