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Oct. 09


Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Dog Agile Tunnel


Dog Agility Tunnel should have some important functions. The following items should be considered when choosing a dog agile tunnel:

The ability level of your dog. Determine where your dog is in its ability to traverse the tunnel. Is he new here? Experienced professionals? This will help you choose the length of the tunnel you want. The shorter tunnel length is suitable for beginners. Longer tunnels can be configured in different shapes, which is very suitable for dogs who have mastered a simple way to pass through.

Dimensionally stable. Agile tunnels have various lengths and different diameters. The type of tunnel you choose should be specific to your dog. Your dog should be able to walk through the tunnel comfortably. Most agile tunnels have piles to anchor the tunnel so it will not move when your dog passes through it.

Portability and use. Depending on where you plan to place the agile tunnel, you may want to consider how easy it is to carry it. Most tunnels will collapse on their own, making them compact and easy to store. Some agile tunnels come with suitcases to facilitate travel. So if you want to take the tunnel to a park or campground, keep portability in mind.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dog Tunnel?

The Dog Agile Tunnel is a long barrel supported by steel rings and covered with polyester material. It can be open-both ends of the tunnel are open or closed-one end of the tunnel is closed with a baffle or chute, and your dog can pass through the baffle or chute.

The length of the agile tunnel is different, and the diameter of the opening can also vary. Some tunnels are long enough to twist into an "S" shape, which presents even greater challenges. Dog agility tunnels are used for agility competitions, but they are an excellent entertainment and exercise tool for the dog's overall health.

Dog Agility Tunnel

Dog Agility Tunnel

How big is the dog training tunnel?

The size of the dog agility tunnel can vary greatly. Their length varies from a few feet to a few feet. Some tunnels are designed so you can attach other tunnels to make them longer.

The diameter of the barrel can also vary, usually 12 to 28 inches. Conventional-sized tunnels used in the competition are 10 to 20 feet long and at least 24 inches in diameter.

At what age can my dog start agility training?

Your dog can start agility training at about 18 months old. It is important to make the dog's joints fully developed to prevent injury. Many agility exercises require a strong impact from jumping or moving fast. However, basic agility training involving simple, easy movements (no equipment required) can be started at any time. Before starting agility training for your dog, be sure to check with your veterinarian.

Which dog breeds can be trained for agility?

Any dog breed can be agility training. Although some dogs will be faster or better than others. Although some people may not like it at all. Whether your dog can perform agility training depends on your dog's interests. If your dog does not participate in agility training, but you are looking for a way to help him burn some energy, then many people will use a hands-free dog leash to accompany the dog running. Compared to more intense agility training, your dog may prefer a relaxed way of jogging with you.

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