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Jul. 16


Firefighting Ventilation Equipment Installation and Construction Method (Part 2)



Installation and construction method of air pipe valve

1. Technological process: support and hanger installation → lifting valve parts → fixed valve parts → cooperate with electrical wiring.

2. Construction method

(1) Before installing various valves, check whether the structure is firm, whether the adjustment device is flexible, and the adjustment valve should be installed in a convenient position; before the installation of the fire valve, test whether the valve plate is closed tightly, and the fire valve is installed in the direction of airflow, easy The fuse is on the windward side.

(2) The fire damper is provided with separate support and hanger.

(3) Install a check port at the valve in the ceiling to facilitate maintenance.


The construction method of tuyere installation

1. Technological process: with decorative holes → installation of air outlet → leveling and straightening → fixed air outlet

2. Construction method

(1) Various types of tuyere diffusers are coordinated with the decoration project. The tuyere end face and the ceiling, the new tuyere installed on the wall and the wall are kept level. The holes in the wall shall not be larger than the outer dimensions of the tuyere. The fixing screw of the tuyere shall not be on the bottom of the tuyere, but shall be fixed on the inner side of the tuyere.

(2) The exposed surface of the tuyere should be parallel to the indoor lines. It is strictly prohibited to fix the tuyere surface with bolts, and the tuyere fixing bolts should be concealed.


Installation method of the muffler

1. Technological process: determine the coordinates → fix the support and hanger → hoist the muffler → install in place.

2. Construction method

(1) The outer surface of the muffler should be flat, without obvious bumps, scratches, and rust;

(2) The sound-absorbing film-covered glass fiber cloth should be flat and without damage, and the air guide strips provided at both ends should be intact;

(3) The screws tightening the muffler parts should be evenly distributed, and the joints should be smooth, and should not be loosened or fallen off;

(4) The surface of the perforated plate should be clean, free of rust, and clogged holes.

(5) The installation direction of the muffler should be correct, and must not be damaged or damp.

(6) On-site installation of large-scale combined silencer should be carried out in the correct construction sequence. The arrangement, direction, and position of the muffler components should meet the design requirements, and the fixing of the single muffler component should be firm.

(7) The muffler and muffler pipe should be equipped with separate brackets, and their weight should not be borne by the air duct.


Portable Ventilation Fan China


The construction method of Portable Ventilation Fan china

1. Process flow:

2. Construction method

(1) The handling and lifting of the ventilator meet the following requirements:

①For the integrally installed fan, the ropes for handling and hoisting shall not be tied to the rings of the rotor and the bearing cover of the casing;

②For the fan assembled in the field, the binding of the rope does not damage the surface of the machine parts, and the rotor, journal and shaft seal are not used as binding parts;

(2) The air inlet, air outlet, and other devices of the fan have separate supports and are firmly connected to the foundation or other buildings; when the air pipe is connected to the fan, the counter is not forced, and the chassis does not bear the weight of other parts.

(3) The exposed part of the transmission device of the ventilator has a protective cover; when the air inlet or air duct of the ventilator is directly connected to the atmosphere, install a protective net or take other safety measures.

(4) If the fan base is directly installed on the foundation without a vibration isolation device, use a horn to level it.

(5) The foundation of the ventilator, the size of each part meets the design requirements. The reserved holes should be cleared before grouting. The fine-grain concrete used for grouting has a strength level one higher than that of the foundation concrete and is compacted and compacted. The anchor bolts must not be skewed.

(6) The motor is installed horizontally on the slide or fixed on the foundation. The motor that is located outside the house is provided with a rain cover.

(7) The disassembly, cleaning, and assembly of the ventilator meet the following requirements:

① After disassembling the casing and bearing box and then cleaning, the fan with direct drive can be cleaned without disassembly;

②Cleaning and checking adjustment mechanism, its rotation is flexible;

③The assembly accuracy of each component meets the requirements of product technical documents.

(8) When the axial fan is assembled, the gap between the impeller and the main air cylinder is evenly distributed and meets the requirements of the following table.

(9) After the impeller of the fan rotates, it will not stay in its original position every time and must not touch the shell.

(10) In addition to the washers, the anchor bolts for fixing the fan are provided with anti-loosening devices.

(11) The ground on which the vibration isolators are installed is flat, and the compression amount of a load of each group of vibration isolators is uniform, and must not be eccentric; after the vibration isolators are installed, take protective measures to prevent displacement and overload before using them. We are a black portable blower manufacturer, if you have any demand for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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