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Jul. 30


The Working Principle of the Blower


Structural features

Rotor: It is composed of shaft, impeller, bearing, synchronous gear, coupling, shaft sleeve, etc.

Impeller: Use involute profile, high volume utilization.

Bearing: Model 3000 double row radial spherical roller bearing is selected as the positioning end near the coupling end. 32000 single-row radial short cylindrical roller bearings are selected as the free end near the gear end to adapt to the axial displacement of the rotor during thermal expansion.

Synchronous gear: It is composed of the ring gear and a hub, which is convenient to adjust the gap of the impeller.

Body: Composed of a cabinet and left and right wall panels. The left and right wall panels and the bearing seats and sealing parts installed in the left and right wall panels can be used interchangeably.

Base: Medium and small fans are equipped with a common base, and large fans are only equipped with a fan base, which is easy to install and debug.

Lubrication: The gear adopts immersion type, and the bearing adopts splash lubrication. Good lubrication effect, safe and reliable.

Transmission mode: mainly direct coupling with coupling. If required by performance specifications, a V-belt pulley can also be used for variable speed. The coupling chooses flexible coupling, which can alleviate the impact and compensate a small amount of axis deviation. In addition to the electric motor as the driving machine, the large flow fan can also use a steam turbine or other driving machines.

Orange Portable Blower

Orange Portable Blower

working principle

Working principle of centrifugal blower

The working principle of an orange Portable Blower is similar to that of a centrifugal fan, except that the air compression process is usually carried out under the action of centrifugal force through several working impellers (or several stages). The blower has a high-speed rotating rotor. The blades on the rotor drive the air to move at a high speed. The centrifugal force causes the air to flow in the involute-shaped casing along the involute to the fan outlet. The high-speed airflow has a certain wind pressure. Fresh air enters and supplements from the center of the cabinet.

The working principle of the single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan is: the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate at high speed through the shaft, and the airflow enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the inlet axis and becomes a radial flow which is accelerated, and then enters the diffuser cavity, changing the flow direction and decelerating. This deceleration effect converts the kinetic energy in the high-speed rotating airflow into pressure energy (potential energy), so that the fan outlet maintains a stable pressure.

Theoretically speaking, the pressure-flow characteristic curve of a centrifugal blower is a straight line, but due to the frictional resistance and other losses inside the fan, the actual pressure and flow characteristic curve decrease gently with the increase of the flow rate, and the corresponding centrifugal fan power- The flow curve rises with the increase of flow. When the fan is running at a constant speed, the operating point of the fan will move along the pressure-flow characteristic curve. The operating point of the fan during operation depends not only on its own performance but also on the characteristics of the system. When the pipe network resistance increases, the pipeline performance curve will become steeper. The basic principle of an adjustment is to obtain the required operating conditions by changing the performance curve of the fan itself or the characteristic curve of the external pipe network.

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